We specialize.

We custom design packages to suit the image and style of your hotel.

Interior Photography.

Our quality design teams are experts in bringing out the unique charm and beauty of your property.

Capturing your rooms in an inviting manner and highlighting all the details that make your hotel exceptional is our specialty.

We can prepare full presentations for expositions or multi-media presentations for travel agents, web-sites, or in-house promotions.

Hotel Photography Kos Island
Hotel Photography Kos Island

Outdoor Photography.

Stellar outdoor photography balances the composition to integrate the elements of nature, architecture, angle and lighting.

Our video and photographic teams are exceptional at capturing journeys through and around your hotel.

High Definition – 4K and 5K Resolution.

Hotel Photography Exterior Kos Island
Hotel Photography Outdoor Kos Island

Aerial Photography.

Aerial photography adds another dimension of quality and professionalism that will allow your property to stand out amongst the competition.

Utilizing the most modern eye in the sky techniques and powerful lenses, we offer you unlimited perspectives.

Our aerial photography techniques bring you unparalleled perspective and next level design options.

  • Canon Eos 5D MARK II 21 megapixel.
  • Canon Eos 5D 13 megapixel.
  • 10-22 wide angle lenses
  • 17-40, 24-70, 70-200 zoom

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