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Photo Digital Art offers the highest standard over a wide-range of photography services. Whether you require high quality professional photography, advertising strategies or photo processing, we have you covered.


For new businesses and for professionals we are a one-stop source for all your advertising needs. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to upgrade and modernize your advertising ideas and strategies, Photo Digital Art is your solution. ›› learn more




Are you looking for a job in Kos as a photographer ? lookingforjobinkosasaphotographer

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We specialize in photography and video. We custom design packages to suit the image and style of your business.

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Combining a team of top level photographers and graphic designers, with state of the art equipment, we are fully equipped to suit your needs.

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We combine years of design experience with a cutting edge knowledge of graphic design techniques in helping you find the perfect solution to your advertising or printing needs.

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Quality wedding services at Kos Island with the best prices.

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